When a relative, close friend, or loved one is jailed, most people are unsure how to assist them in getting out of jail. We understand that obtaining a bail bond could be foreign to you. Navigating the court system can be stressful and challenging, but an expert bail bond agent can help relieve some of the pressure. If you require a bail bond, do not hesitate to contact a licensed specialist for assistance. Fausto's Bail Bonds has strategic locations in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and all of Southern California that service all county jails and courts. Our local bail agents know the cities, jails, and court systems.

Go for an agency with a demonstrated track record of achievement and positive feedback from previous clients. You should also ensure that the bondsman is insured and licensed. We guarantee prompt personal service, genuine concern, and assistance. We stand by you and your family from detention to release to court dates, all at an affordable price. You should not hesitate to contact us, even if you do not have enough money to pay the bail bond premium. We will examine your financial situation and work on a repayment plan. 

Understanding a Bail Bond

Bail allows those in custody and charged with an offense to be temporarily released until they return to court. During a bail hearing, money is determined to be paid for the detainee to be released. Its objective is to ensure that the defendant will appear in court when required. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the money is forfeited; otherwise, it is refunded when the trial is completed if the defendant shows up on all mandatory court dates.

Bail amounts vary but can be tens of thousands of dollars or higher. Many people cannot afford to pay the entire amount in cash since the sums are enormous. This is when bail bonds can help. A bail bond enables a person to post bail without paying the entire sum. Instead, they must pay a portion of their bail amount as a non-refundable charge, and a bail bond agency or bail bondsman will cover the rest.

How Bail Works In California

How the bail system works and is regulated varies from state to state. The amount of bail that will be set and the maximum price a bail agent can charge are two aspects that could depend on location. If facing a legal charge in California, you must grasp the applicable rules and regulations.

There are usually several types of bail in California. Bail can be posted in cash, with a bail bond, or with a property bond. A property bond requires using property as collateral, which should be worth at least twice the bail amount. The overall bail sum can range between $10,000 and $100,000. Bail amounts are calculated using a bail schedule, which considers various criteria to determine the amount of bail. These include the type of crime committed, if a weapon was used, whether there is a link to gang activity, whether the crime is a hate crime, and much more.

Bail bondsmen in California must be licensed and adhere to the California Insurance Code. Regulations in the Code ensure that bail bondsmen cannot promote or solicit without a license and that they market ethically online.

Bail bondsmen must publish vital data about themselves and their licensing when advertising online. When looking for bail bondsmen, make sure they identify their name, the state in which they are located, and their license number. This information assists you in determining whether they are authentic and obeying the California bail bond agency requirements.

Why Choose Fausto's Bail Bonds

With so many options, why should you choose Fausto's Bail Bonds?

When you reach out to us, you will speak with an eloquent, college-educated bondsman with bail industry experience. We guarantee you will appreciate having us by your side during this challenging period. Fausto's Bail Bonds takes pleasure in being California's go-to bail bond agency for bail services. Check out our fantastic client testimonials. Learn more about what you should do if someone you care about is arrested.

Effective Service And Fast Turnaround

You might be unsure where to turn if you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of requiring a bail bond. Determining issues like cost, dependability, and professionalism can prove challenging when you are in a hurry to help your loved one out of jail. You want to be confident that you are working with a reliable service. For decades, Fausto's Bail Bonds has provided dependable bail bond services. Our reputation has been earned, and we would like to assist you with our skills, competence, and expertise.

We Know The System

We have years of experience working with courts and jails. Because of our extensive experience, we can provide you with the latest knowledge about local laws, rules, procedures, and more, allowing you to make educated decisions regarding your case as soon as possible.

This expedites your release from jail and allows you to plan your best defense. In addition, we are well-versed in the legal sector and can connect you to some excellent attorneys eager to assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome for your case.

We Are Available 24/7

Stay calm if you find yourself in a problematic situation late at night or on the weekend. Our committed team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your inquiries and provide assistance as required. That "one phone call" will not go unnoticed, and we will get right to work.

Whether you are facing minor or serious felony charges, our skilled team can adapt a strategy to your specific circumstances. Regardless of your case, we aim to offer you or a loved one the best solution.

We Make Bail Affordable

We provide various payment arrangements so that the cost of getting out of jail quickly is not an impediment. We recognize this is a challenging financial period for many people. Therefore, we offer a personalized payment plan that meets everyone's budgeting requirements. Our rates are among the most competitive in the bail bond industry. The last thing we want is to see someone incarcerated because they cannot pay. Call us at 855-328-7867 to find out how far we will go to assist you.

Our Bondsmen Have A Heart

Our bondsmen are trained experts dedicated to assisting people requiring bail bond services. All of our bondsmen are certified. They have received thorough training on how to guide customers through their bail bond alternatives. They will ensure your inquiries are swiftly and accurately handled throughout the process.

We Protect Your Privacy

We employ high-security procedures, including encryption technology, access control systems, password protection, firewalls, and so on, to keep confidential information entirely secure throughout our process, providing absolute safety for everyone who uses our services. Furthermore, all client records will remain confidential to ensure they do not fall into the hands of unauthorized parties.

It can be challenging to find reliable bail bonds near me. Many agencies only see dollar signs and do not understand the seriousness of your predicament. Choosing the correct bail bond provider is critical when you must swiftly be released from jail. Fausto's Bail Bonds has been a leader in providing efficient, dependable bail bond services for years. When looking for bail bonds near me, there is just one option if you need quick and competent help getting out of jail. We recognize that this is a tough time and are here to assist you every step of the process.

What To Expect From Fausto's Bail Bonds

Because of the stress of having someone close to you in jail, you might seek the quickest and most accessible bail solution. However, it is crucial to note that the process continues after release, and your bail bond agency is now tasked with ensuring that the defendant appears in court.

As a result, you must make the appropriate decision regarding the service you choose and who you can rely on. Our bail bondsmen at Fausto's Bail Bonds have extensive expertise and know how to best assist you in reaching a favorable outcome.

What should you expect after contacting us for your bail application?

  • Our team will process your application swiftly and efficiently, whether you submit it by phone, online, or in person.
  • We address all of your queries entirely and thoroughly. We understand how difficult this is and strive to ensure you are happy with our assistance. This is why we provide complimentary consultations.
  • After gathering the necessary information, we conduct a warrant check and offer any information on turn-ins and bailouts.
  • We post the bond in court or at the jail, and your loved one is released.
  • Following their release, they must attend all court sessions and abide by the terms of the sentence.
  • Whether judged guilty or innocent, the bond is exonerated once the case is completed.

Our team works hard to guide each client through this process from beginning to end. We are not here to pass judgment, as run-ins with the law are common, and our purpose is to counsel and assist your loved one in achieving the best possible legal outcome.

Common Bail Bond FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the typical bail bond FAQs in California:

Does Everyone Qualify For Bail Bond?

If a person is arrested and charged with a crime, he or she will almost certainly require the services of a bail bondsman to be released until the case's conclusion. However, not everyone can be freed on bail, even with a bondsman on hand. The judge will consider several factors, including whether the defendant will pose a risk to the victim or the society. Other crucial factors are the types of charges the defendant faces and whether the defendant is a flight risk.

How Is Bail Determined?

The court considers the following factors when setting the bail amount:

  • What is the defendant's criminal history? — A person with a significant criminal past will face a greater bond sum than a first-time offender.
  • Is the individual a flight risk? — If there is a likelihood that the person would flee before they appear in court, bail will be higher than it would be for someone who is not a risk.
  • What are the defendant's primary family responsibilities? — Judges recognize that defendants are also parents, spouses, and caretakers and consider this when determining bail.
  • What kind of ties does the defendant have in the community?— Those with significant ties to the community may be granted a lower bail than those who are not.
  • Is the defendant a threat to public safety? - The risk factor will influence whether bail will be granted and the amount of bail set.

What Happens After a Bail Bond Has Been Posted?

When a professional bondsman posts the bail bond, the defendant is "released on bail." After release from custody, the defendant will be under the supervision of the bail bond agency until the defendant honors all court dates and their bond is released. The defendant and indemnitor have no further commitment to the bail agency once the case ends, the bond has been exonerated, and all bail premium payments have been made.

What Do I Need When Posting Bail for Someone?

The prerequisites for posting bail are straightforward. First, the cosigner must be an 18-year-old or older legal US resident. Aside from this fundamental need, you must bring three items while posting bail.

  • A valid form of identification, like a driver's license or government ID.
  • A recent pay stub or other kind of proof of income.
  • A current electricity bill demonstrating residency.

You must also be able to provide the following details:

  • The charges against the defendant.
  • The jail where the defendant is.
  • The defendant's birth date.
  • The person's booking number in the jail.

What are My Responsibilities as the Cosigner?

If you agree to post someone's bail, you accept additional responsibility in addition to your financial contribution. You will also be:

  • Making sure that the defendant shows up to court on time.
  • Assuring that the defendant tells Fausto's Bail Bonds of any upcoming court dates.
  • Taking care of any applicable premiums.

What Responsibilities Does The Defendant Have?

A defendant released on bail is responsible for his or her actions once released. Here is what the defendant should do:

  • After release from jail, report to the local bail bonds office to complete the proper paperwork. At this stage, the defendant will receive a notification of the upcoming court dates.
  • Defendants must also notify the bail bond agency of any new court dates in person or via phone.
  • Finally, a defendant must attend court on all of their set dates.

What are the Benefits of Bailing Someone Out of Jail?

A defendant who is released on bail has several individual and legal advantages.

  • If the person is a loved one, you can show them your affection and loyalty by assisting them in posting bail.
  • The defendant can return to work, pursue education, and maintain their family life.
  • It gives the defendant time to create a defense to the charges against them.
  • It protects the offender from being punished before an official conviction is obtained.

What Is Bail Collateral?

Cash, real estate, or other properties can serve as bail bond collateral. The bail bond agent might ask for collateral to secure the bond if the bond is significant or poses a high risk. Factors like the defendant's prior arrest history, credit, work or residency history, and how long the indemnitor has known the arrestee will all play a role in bond underwriting. The court will place a lien on the property used as collateral in an escrow account. This lien will remain until the bond is exonerated, and you pay the premium and all costs in full. With a lien, you cannot sell the property used as collateral.

What Is a Bail Bond Premium?

The bail bond premium is the sum you, as the indemnitor, will pay the bail agency before the defendant is released.

For example, if bail is $25,000, you will pay $2,500 extra to the bail agency to release the defendant. This sum is due upon the defendant's release and is non-refundable, even if the court dismisses your case. The bail bondsman receives the premium from the defendant for facilitating the defendant's release from jail.

Find a Reliable Bail Bondsman Near Me

The 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution outlines the right to bail. The ability to post a bond should not be prohibitively expensive. Our bail agents at Fausto's Bail Bonds specialize in putting together an easy payment plan with a low down payment. Call us right now to qualify for our no-interest, monthly payment plan and gain immediate freedom for your loved one. No one should ever remain in custody due to a lack of funds. All our agents are in strategic locations—Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and all of Southern California—close to the central jails and available 24/7. It does not matter whether you call us on weekends, holidays, or in the wee hours of the night. Our round-the-clock availability and unmatched dependability have earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients. We will spring to action when you contact us to help you post bail at an affordable price. Contact us at 855-328-7867 to speak to one of our agents.