An assault or battery charge can result in lengthy prison or jail time upon conviction. However, you can change the outcome of your case by preparing well for the trial. That includes hiring a competent criminal defense attorney, gathering evidence, and preparing and presenting that evidence during trial. That could be a challenge if you are jailed right after an arrest. Even though judges grant bail for assault and battery cases, you could remain in jail if you cannot afford it.

However, a reliable bail bondsman can help you obtain a quick release after an arrest to help you prepare for your trial. You can also return to your family, work, or business without losing so much time. You must find the best bail bonds company offering affordable and reliable Perris bail bonds right after your arrest. Then, you will be out of jail within hours of your arrest.

What Happens After an Assault and Battery Arrest?

The police will arrest you for assault if you are suspected or reported to intentionally create an apprehension of imminent bodily harm against another person. You must also have the present ability to cause the person harm. An assault arrest will occur even without actual physical harm. Creating apprehension of harm is sufficient to cause arrest and persecution. The charge is serious, as it can result in a one-year jail sentence upon conviction.

The police will arrest you for battery if you physically harm another person. The person does not necessarily have to sustain a physical injury or seek medical care for the prosecutor to file battery charges against you. Though battery and assault are sometimes used interchangeably, they are separate offenses under the law. Battery is more serious, with graver penalties than assault.

You could also be arrested for aggravated assault, whereby you commit assault using a deadly or dangerous weapon, like a gun. An aggravated assault charge could also suffice if the victim is a protected person, like a child, the elderly, or a mentally or physically disabled person. The prison sentence for aggravated assault upon conviction will be longer.

Once the police arrest you and take you to the station for booking, you will be placed in jail to await your first court appearance. That should happen within hours of your arrest. The judge will hold your first hearing to determine your charges and the evidence against you. They will also allow you to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Pleading not guilty means that you will go to trial. The judge will discuss the bail matter to determine whether you are eligible and how much it should be.

Bail for Assault and Battery

Assault and battery are grave offenses, meaning that their bail is typically high. You must pay full bail to obtain a pretrial release, and then you can prepare for trial and carry on with your life before the final determination of your case.

The judge will first consider the bail schedule to set your bail. The bail schedule guides judges and the police on the amount a defendant must post for pretrial release. However, the judge sets the final amount during the first arraignment. The judge could leave the bail as it is on the schedule or increase or lower it. They will increase your bail if you have a criminal record, are likely to reoffend or flee, or face serious assault or battery charges. For example, if you face aggravating assault or aggravated battery charges, the judge will likely increase your bail.

On the other hand, the judge can lower your bail if there are mitigating factors in your case. For example, if you are a first-time offender or have strong ties within the community, the judge can reduce your bail.

Sometimes, the judge can agree to release you on your own recognizance. You will not need to pay anything to obtain a pretrial release. Typically, release on own recognizance is available for first offenders. If you are a repeat offender, you will likely be required to post bail.

Remember that bail is generally expensive, even for a simple assault and battery charge. Thus, it could be unaffordable for you. But you could benefit from Perris bail bonds for a much quicker and more affordable pretrial release.

Reasons to Choose Perris Bail Bonds

Arrests happen at unexpected times. You could be arrested during the most challenging time when you cannot afford to bail yourself out. Even people with some savings and investments are sometimes unable to post bail. It is because bail is expensive, and some families struggle to bail their loved ones out of jail.

The good news is that bail bond companies exist to help in such difficult times. These are third-party companies that assist defendants in obtaining an affordable pretrial release. You can contact a reliable Perris bail bondsman immediately after your assault and battery arrest to start the bail process. Then, you will not remain in jail longer than is necessary.

Bail bonds offer several benefits you should consider. Some of their benefits include the following:

  • Bail bonds are more affordable than actual bail. Though bail bond companies offer their service at a cost, it is the only price you pay to obtain pretrial release. This cost is usually a small percentage (10%) of your bail. Instead of raising the total bail, you will only need to come up with a fraction to return to your family or work.
  • You can obtain a bail bond service wherever you are, even in jail. Bail bondsmen are making their services easy to access to speed up the bail process. You do not need to visit an office or make endless calls. Once you contact a bail bondsman with interest in their service, they will come to you and quickly process your release.
  • Bail bondsmen exclusively deal with bail processes and releases. Thus, they can quickly process your bail release to prevent extended stays in jail. Remember how damaging a longer stay in police custody can be to your family, business, or job. You need to work with a company that will consider how important your freedom is and restore it within hours of your arrest.
  • Perris bail bonds are also available around the clock. Therefore, you are assured of assistance regardless of the time or day of your arrest. Someone will start the bail process even in the middle of the night if that is when you are arrested. Bail bond companies are open during the weekends and public holidays.
  • Working with a bail bondsman is also advisable if you want your arrest to remain confidential. Some employers will quickly terminate your contract once they realize you have been arrested. Some of your friends and acquaintances will avoid you. Sometimes, it is best to keep legal matters private until the verdict is out.
  • Reliable Perris bail bondsmen do not have additional hidden costs for their service. They are clear about what you must pay and how to pay it. You will not be required to add more once you are done paying the premium since the premium serves as the fee for the bail bond service. If the premium is still expensive, you can pay in installments.
  • These companies work closely with defendants until the conclusion of their case. You will receive all the help and assistance you need for trial and sentencing.

Possible Penalties for an Assault or Battery Charge

A simple assault or battery charge is a misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of one year in jail or misdemeanor probation and a court fine. The judge can sentence you to jail time or probation. If they send you on probation, you will serve your entire sentence out of incarceration, but under strict probation conditions. Misdemeanor probation can last up to three years. The judge can order you to participate in community service, undergo anger management treatment or counseling, and submit periodic progress reports to the court. The judge can revoke your probation if you violate it.

Aggravated assault and battery is a felony offense, punishable by several years in prison or felony probation and a hefty court fine. The judge could require you to serve part of your sentence in jail and the remainder on probation. Felony probation can last up to five years, within which you must abide by strict probation conditions. For example, you must meet regularly with your probation officer for progress reports. If you violate probation, the judge will revoke it and send you to prison for the recommended period.

A felony assault or battery conviction can also subject you to penalty enhancement under PC 12022.2. The judge can enhance your sentence under specific circumstances. For example, if the victim sustains a significant bodily injury, the judge could add some years to your prison sentence. It means that you will be in incarceration for a much more extended period.

It helps you prepare well for a trial if you face an assault and battery charge and improves your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. For example, you can hire an experienced criminal attorney, gather evidence, and develop a solid defense for the trial. That works efficiently when you are out on bail.

The Bail Process With a Perris Bail Bondsman

The bail process begins after your first arraignment. This is when you first appear before a judge to determine your charges and enter a plea. The judge will set a trial date once you plead not guilty or enter a no-contest plea. Then, they or your attorney can bring up the bail matter. Remember that the judge can set your bail as it appears on the bail schedule or increase or reduce it. Your attorney can negotiate a reduced bail if they feel it is more than you can afford. Once the amount is set, the judge will give you options to post bail to start your release process.

If you cannot afford bail or prefer to engage a bail bondsman, contact a reliable bail bondsman immediately. They will come to you, your attorney, or a family member to discuss their service and what they expect of you. Once you understand how they operate and agree to their terms and conditions, the bail bondsman will pay a surety bond to the court and sign your release documents. You should be out of jail in less than thirty minutes.

However, you could be required to pay a premium for the bail bond service to start the process. If the amount is more than you can afford at that time, you can negotiate for a favorable rate and a flexible payment schedule. Bail bondsmen in Perris allow defendants to make payments at their convenience.

The bail bondsman can also require you to provide collateral for their service. Remember that the company will pay a surety bond to the court, with a promise to pay the full bail if you fail to appear. If that happens, the company will incur a substantial loss. That is why bail bondsmen ask for collateral to cover the loss if the court forfeits your bail. You will receive the collateral back at the end of your case. The collateral you can provide for a bail bond service is a property title, car logbook, documents to your home, art collections, home appliances, or jewelry. The collateral mainly depends on your bail amount.

Find a Reputable Bail Bondsman Near Me

If you face assault and battery charges in Perris, you could spend a long time in jail. Your period of incarceration starts right after your arrest. But you can make bail to obtain a pretrial release. That reduces your jail time and helps you prepare well for trial for a better outcome for your case.

If you cannot make bail because it is too expensive or the process is complex, we can help you at Fausto Bail Bonds. Our service is affordable, reliable, timely, and less complicated. We handle everything on your behalf and support you through trial and sentencing until your case ends. Call us at 855-328-7867 to learn more about assault and battery bail bonds and how you can benefit.